Thursday, March 21, 2013

Historical sites in Bangladesh is the great place to travel you just go holidays

Traditionally, Bangladesh has earned its standing for individual at the traffic circle of many cultures. The remains of wonderful cities and monuments gone following in a variety of parts of the country by the departure dynasties of rulers still bear evidence to the richness of its artistic tradition. Spreads throughout the country are numerous early monuments and antiquities that have survived of natural calamities. These days they offer the guests a glance into the history of this country and its rich inheritance. Next is a bird\'s eye view of the historical sites to travel just go holidays in the special districts of the Bangladesh.
MOSQUES: Dhaka is recognized like the city of mosques and thus boasts of having several hundred mosques spread all above the town. Most of these mosques are in receipt of on and put up with some record. But major in the midst of these are the Seven Domed Mosque, Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, Star Mosque, (18th Century), Chawkbazar Mosque and Husaeni Dalan Mosque. National memorial is another great place to travel place in Dhaka.

Rajshahi :
PAHARPUR: Paharpur is one of the historicalsites, it situated small village 5 km west of Jamalganj in greater Naogaon district and rajshahi division. Here the carcass of the biggest known monastery south of the Himalayas was exhumed. This seventh century archaeological find covers a part of about 27 acres of property. The structural design of the pyramid-like cruciform place of worship has its parallel in the up to date structural design of Southeast Asia, above all Myanmar and Java. A site-museum built in 1956-57 houses commissioner group of substance improved from Paharpur. The excavated things are also conserved at the Varendra Research Museum at Rajshahi. You can visit paharpur just go holidays.

Bogra :
MAHASTHANGARH: Mahasthangarh is another historical site, it is the great place to travel,   the oldest archaeological location in Bangladesh, it is stand on the bank of the river Karotoa, 18 km north of Bogra city. You can no trouble be arrived as it is on the Bogra-Rangpur highway. Some inaccessible mounds border the prepared city-side, which is of great inviolability to the Hindus. Each year something like middle April and once every twelve years in December, 1000 Hindu pilgrims assemble at situate for a swim service. A wide range of archeological finds, collection from earth bits and pieces to old ornaments and coins can be seen at the site museum. In this musem decoreted many historical sites element and it is the great place to travel.


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